Professional Curtain Cleaning Service

Curtain Cleaning Service

Curtain Cleaning Service
A Drier. Cleaner. Healthier and more convenient way!

Chem-Dry is Your Trusted Partner in Removing Allergens and Bacteria From Your Home & Office.

Curtain Cleaning Service

To practically eliminate the problems of shrinkage and fabric damage, an ON-SITE process of Curtain Cleaning Service has been established.

Chem-Dry developed a non-toxic Drapery Dry Cleaning solution. The solution is not only safe for the customer and technician who does the cleaning but is also safe for applications on most types of fabrics, even those that have been weakened by the sun. On-Site cleaning has a number of advantages.

Another advantage of cleaning drapes on the rail is that this eliminates the inconvenience of a customer having to take down and re-hang the curtains.

There is no chance for drapery shrinkage and fabric damage as water is not used in the process. Despite the process being gentler on the drapes, there is a vast improvement in the drapery’s appearance.

Caring for your curtains and protecting your investment requires a professional curtain cleaning service. If this is something you require then look no further. Our team are experts in curtain cleaning.

Our process cleans virtually any type of curtain fabric, pelmet or tie-back. In the majority of cases, curtains can be cleaned while still hung to ensure you suffer no disruption to your normal daily routine.

We utilise modern high powered extraction machines and specialist dry curtain cleaning solutions to remove the most amount of dust soil and pollution. If you have ever had your curtains cleaned at the local dry cleaner you will know it can be a bit of a hassle.

Key Benefits of Curtain Cleaning

Our Chem-Dry trained technicians are Curtain Cleaning specialists. In just a short space of time we can have your curtains cleaned and looking as good as new. Our experts will help you to:

  • Feel proud of your clean home
  • Save money by extending the life of your curtains
  • Enjoy a healthier environment
  • Our Curtain Cleaning process

Forget About:

  • Taking your curtains down
  • Folding them
  • Taking them to the local dry cleaners
  • And then re-hanging them

We understand convenience is important and our objective is to make life easier for you by providing an efficient and professional curtain cleaning service. Next time you have your carpets & upholstery cleaned, don’t forget to get your curtains cleaned as well.

Chem-Dry has locations all throughout Southern Africa ready to serve your residential
or commercial cleaning needs. Simply call our toll-free number to be routed to your
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